MLB Trade Rumors thinks these 3 players may be signing with the Mariners in Free Agency

MLB Free Agency is officially underway for the 2023/24 offseason. Here are the 3 players that MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR) thinks could be coming to the Mariners
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Anthony Franco: Mariners sign Tim Anderson to a 1YR/$12M contract

This one is interesting. It wasn't that long ago that Tim Anderson won the batting title. He hit .335 in 2019, .322 in 2020, and then .309 and .301 in the two following years. That's a darn good stretch. He does have one of the lowest walk rates in the league, but it seems to be a trade off a lot of the time when it comes to a guy with a high batting average.

2023 was completely different though, as he posted a gross .245/.286/.296 slash line. That's straight up ugly. Was it the new expectation for Anderson, or just a blip in his career? Could he really fall off that badly, and that quick?

It's why a one year deal for Anderson would be really interesting to see. Could he revitalize his career on a team that should be fighting not just for a playoff berth, but a shot at the Division Title? I think Anthony is thinking of the right type of deal here, giving Anderson a chance to prove that he can still hit. If he hits like he did over those four years, imagine the kind of damage he would do on the Mariners.

Sadly, that means that Tim Dierkes doesn't think that a single top 50 FA will be signing with the Mariners. Let's hope he's wrong.