MLB Trade Rumors thinks these 3 players may be signing with the Mariners in Free Agency

MLB Free Agency is officially underway for the 2023/24 offseason. Here are the 3 players that MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR) thinks could be coming to the Mariners

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Anthony Franco: Mariners sign JD Martinez to a 2YR/$40M contract

I wonder if Anthony is taking a trip back in time to last year's offseason this one. You know, the one where JD Martinez was in Seattle, and shared a picture to his Instagram of himself at Pike's Place Market. If only the Mariners would've capitalized on that, maybe they could've signed the seemingly willing Martinez and used his success from 2023.

They likely would've played him a DH a fair amount because of bad defense, but holy cow did the bat play. .271/.321/.572 with 33 HR and 27 2B in just 113 games. That was a 1.9 oWAR and 1.9 WAR overall, and something the Mariners definitely could've used. A year older, the choice now comes to committing to a second year to try and sway JD to Seattle after being in the warm confines of LA last year.

At 36, is it worth paying him that much over two seasons? Possibly. Anthony Franco thinks so. That's not the only player he sees the Mariners potentially signing this offseason.