MLB Trade Rumors thinks these 3 players may be signing with the Mariners in Free Agency

MLB Free Agency is officially underway for the 2023/24 offseason. Here are the 3 players that MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR) thinks could be coming to the Mariners
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It's finally here. Some people think of this time of year as even more exciting than the Regular Season itself. Free Agency can do that to some people, as you daydream about what your team might possibly do to improve for the next season, telling yourself that "if they could just sign..." then they'd for sure be a contender for the World Series. It doesn't always happen, but it's still something we enjoy predicting and wishing for... especially us Mariners fans.

I have to admit, i love the offseason and the whole nine yards that surround Free Agency. I like reading (and writing) about the rumors as they fly around and to see if the Mariners are involved in any of them. Are the Mariners finally (FINALLY?!?!?!) going to spend in Free Agency? With this team seemingly closer than it's been since the 116 win season back in 2001, could they get off of that awful list of teams to never play in the World Series?

That's where today's article gets started, as we head over to MLB Trade Rumors to take a look at their top 50 Free Agents piece, in which they also list out their predictions for where each Free Agent is going to sign. They have three writers go through the top 50 and predict where each are going to sign. Let's see what they have to say about which Free Agents might be coming to Seattle.

Here are the 3 Free Agents that MLB Trade Rumors think are going to the Mariners