Mariners wrap up the series with the Guardians in disappointing fashion

The Mariners wrapped up their second series of the year, and after a great opener, the Mariners disappointed everyone with an ugly last two games
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Three things that went well

The Bullpen

Let's start off with the good things first. That way, if you want to hear only the positive, you can just bounce out and not read the final slide. After seeing Kirby get absolutely shelled, the bullpen had 5.1 innings of scoreless ball with just one hit and one walk. 10.1 innings and two runs is what the bullpen ended up finishing at. While it's way more innings than you want your bullpen to throw in a three-game series, it was great to see them post a 1.74 ERA. If they can do just have that good (3.48 ERA) and then have Brash and Santos back? Holy cow is it going to be fun.

Emerson Hancock

Was it actually good? He blew through the first two innings with just 15 pitches, but got into trouble in the third and threw 25 in that inning alone. Some think he did well, while others are worried about the underlying stats that back his start. If anything, it was good enough from the perspective that he was able to pitch into the sixth inning, and got the Mariners the win... which just so happened to be the first win of Hancock's career.

Ty France and Mitch Haniger

There really isn't much else to go after here. Let's throw in Ty France, who is hitting .320/.370/.360 so far through 7 games. He hasn't shown a ton of power yet, but he is hitting the ball a lot harder than he did last season, and making cleaner contact while he does it.

Mitch Haniger stands out too. While his batting average is "only" .261, the rest of his slash line is .346/.478. He's showing a good eye at the plate with power. If he can keep that up, it's going to be the punch that the Mariners need in the middle of the lineup, as you would have to believe that the rest of the lineup is going to pick it up at some point.