Mariners welcome Jarred Kelenic and the Braves to town for battle of division leaders

The Mariners welcome the Braves to town for a battle of division leaders. Jarred Kelenic is also back, so keep an eye on how the fans treat him on the field
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Mariners vs Braves: Hitters to Watch

Is the easy answer here to just say "all of them"? That's what it seems like with how good they've been doing. The wild part of this, and what makes it incredibly scary, is that the two best hitters on the Braves have been underperforming, with Matt Olson and Ronald Acuna Jr "struggling" this season.

Let's pick some of the hitters who have been raking for the Braves, starting with Marcell Ozuna. He's hitting a ridiculous .340/.416/.670 with nine homers and 31 RBI this season, leading the league in SLG, HR, and RBI. If the Mariners can limit the damage he does, it will be huge in determining their success this series.

Let's go with Ozzie Albies next, as he just came off of the IL without skipping a beat. He's hitting .329/.393/.523 this season with eight doubles so far. He's a massive table setter for them, and a big part of why they have scored so many runs.

Last, it's the Braves backstop who is coming off one of the hottest stretches by a catcher in a while. Travis d'Arnaud went 6-10 with 5 HR and 10 RBI earlier this month, and it's a big part of his .292/.365/.631 line on the season. You can see why the Braves are so dangerous, as the lineup top to bottom is hard to deal with.