Mariners vs. Yankees: DMo stays scorching, Bryan Woos the crowd & his parents

Seattle managed to split a four-game series against the red-hot Bronx bombers while a few players continued their stellar seasons
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / New York Yankees/GettyImages
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Best Moment: Bryan Woo's parents celebrate his stellar start

While Yankee Stadium is usually packed with New York natives and fans of the pinstripes, there are always a few fans of the away team who manage to make their way over to 161 St. On Tuesday, two of those away team fans were none other than Bryan Woo's parents, ready to cheer on their son as he took the mound.

It's a magical moment for any parent to see their child play baseball at the highest level, especially when he's pitching six scoreless innings. Bryan Woo has dealt with injury struggles and is getting a relatively late start to his season but it's been a great one nonetheless. He's still an integral part of a highly competitive rotation and has been as advertised since getting called up last year.

If Bryan Woo can keep even 85% of this level of production, it's going to be a massive influx to the Mariners rotation. Knowing that your day's off as a hitter are against Bryan Woo and Bryce Miller is going to lead to some frusturated opposing hitters. Woo has looked incredible since he has been back, topped off by this most recent start against the Yankees.