Mariners vs Rockies: A series win would get the Mariners back to 500 on the season

The Mariners are coming off a their sweep over the Reds in Seattle. Can they keep it going with a trip to Colorado against the Rockies?
Chicago Cubs v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners vs Rockies: Final Thoughts

It really seems like we are on the cusp of being able to look back on this team and think "this is the time when they turned things around". Beating the Rockies is expected, and I don't feel bad saying that. The Mariners are the better team in nearly every aspect of the game, and are the better team overal. That's the thing about baseball. Not many people would have realistically expected the Mariners to sweep the Reds.

Wierd things happen in baseball, and you can't look ahead. That's the worry that I have about this series for the Mariners. They know that they head to Texas to play the Rangers after this series. Is there a chance that they may not be as focused as they should be? I think so. At the same time, knowing that they've regained that spark after Jonatan Clase was called up and are now playing their best ball of the season, they could roll into Colorado and crush them.

I don't see a sweep happening, but I fully believe the Mariners are going to leave Colorado a .500 team. The offense is starting to pick it up, and playing a team who doesn't strike many hitters out while at the same time putting a lot of runners on base? That sounds like the perfect matchup for the Mariners. A 2-1 series win, 23 runs scored, and leaving town as a .500 team. Let's make it happen. Go Mariners!