Mariners vs Rockies: A series win would get the Mariners back to 500 on the season

The Mariners are coming off a their sweep over the Reds in Seattle. Can they keep it going with a trip to Colorado against the Rockies?
Chicago Cubs v Seattle Mariners
Chicago Cubs v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Mariners vs Rockies: Hitters to Watch

Starting off a bit different here, by looking at the speed that the Rockies have on the bases... or the lack thereof. They only have 6 steals this season, which is tied for the 3rd-fewest of the season. That doesn't always tell the whole story, as the Mariners only have 8 right now, but with Clase, Rojas, Julio, and Moore, they could easily see that number make a leap at any point.

They've still got guys who can swing the bats though, and so far in 2024, the title of best hitter for the team belongs to Ryan McMahon. He's hitting .361/.434/.514 so far this season, and probably is the best player on the Rockies. He's not the only one doing damage though, as both Ezequiel Tovar and Brenton Doyle are SLG .486 this season, while combining for 9 doubles and 6 homers on the season.

Like the Mariners, they do have some players who are struggling, but there is one that I want to focus on. You wouldn't think that you would have to worry about a player who has only five hits on the season and is batting .122. However, when four of those hits are home runs, it's the reason you need to be wary of Michael Toglia whenever he comes up to the plate.