Mariners vs. Rangers: Rojas keeps rolling, Gilbert fans nine, and chaos ball reigns

The Mariners extended their lead over the AL West with a clean sweep of the defending World Series champion Rangers
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Best Moment: Josh Rojas scores on a wild pitch...from second base

Wild pitches happen. With pitchers throwing harder and with more movement than ever, it's not uncommon for them to lose control and allow baserunners to move up 90 feet. What's less common is when they allow runners to move 180 feet and what's even less common is when the 180th foot takes those runners to home plate.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, after hitting a double with two outs on the board, Josh Rojas was already in scoring position. On his first pitch to Julio, Dunning tossed a sinker way off the plate, comfortably in the left-handed batter's box, and past Rangers catcher Andrew Knizner. Rojas advanced to third as per usual but following a couple of weird bounces, Rojas rounded third and came all the way home. It gave Seattle a 2-0 lead that they would ride into the ninth inning.

While not monumentally important in and of itself, I find this play representative of how the Mariners' season has gone so far. There haven't been any statistical standouts on this team that are putting up Aaron Judge numbers at the plate or Emmanuel Clase numbers on the mound. Instead, the squad is well-rounded, scrappy, and willing to do whatever it takes to win. It hasn't been a perfect season by any means but Seattle seems to do best when embracing the chaos.