Mariners vs Rangers: An early chance to control the division is at play in Texas

The Mariners head to Texas with a shot at taking control of the division, as whoever wins the series will hold the AL West lead
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies - Game Two
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies - Game Two / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Mariners vs Rangers: Final Thoughts and Predictions

I predicted that the Mariners would win the series, but not sweep, the Rockies. I was a little high on the projected runs scored, but was on the right path with the offense getting on track in Mile High. Can it continue in Texas? If anything, you would have to think that the team is going to be ecstatic to be out of the literal freezing cold and playing in about 80 degree weather this week.

It's wild, but this is the first AL West game the Mariners will have played this year. There are less of them than there used to be, as divisional teams play eachother just 13 times a piece instead of the prior 19 that was the case for so long. It makes the games that much more important. Variance plays out over time, so a shorter amount of games played can lead to a higher potential for odd outcomes.

I think the Mariners continue their winning ways. No, not a sweep, but another series win. They head to Texas trailing the Rangers by half a game, and they'll leave Texas with a half game lead. The offense will perform very similar to how they did in Colorado, going big in two games, and then scoring 2 or less in the other one. I'll take it, and look forward to the first divisional matchup of the season for the Mariners.