Mariners vs. Marlins: Ryan brings bliss, Gilbert guts the fish, Julio "Rob"riguez

The Mariners narrowly avoid getting swept by the Marlins despite a 9-0 blowout victory in the second game
Seattle Mariners v Miami Marlins
Seattle Mariners v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Best Moment: Julio robs Otto Lopez of extra bases

Julio hasn't been himself recently. His bat has yet to heat back up and subpar swing decisions and plate discipline have contributed to a 27.4% strikeout rate. To be fair, it has always been a weakness in his game but his current .654 OPS is just a far cry from what fans have been accustomed to seeing these past two years.

One thing that hasn't changed is his defense and raw athleticism. In the second inning, Otto Lopez barreled up a ball to send it 404 feet to center field. With an xBA of .880 and Julio positioned on the other side of center field, it looked like it was going to be a double for the young infielder. Unfortunate for him, Julio brought the no-fly zone on the plane with him to Miami.

Julio's 92nd percentile four outs above average and four defensive runs saved have been his saving grace this season. Although he's seen diminished offensive production, he's still been a major contributor on the other side of things. If he's able to start cooking at the plate this summer, he'll be back to the five-tool threat the Mariners know and love.