Mariners vs. Guardians: Moore hits 2 homers, rotation struggles, and Crawford's pizza

After a strong start, Seattle ultimately faltered in a three-game series against the current leaders of the AL Central as they lost the series to the Guardians
Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians
Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Best Moment: Fans order J.P. Crawford a pizza for his troubles

Following his ejection due to frustration with some questionable umpire calls, J.P. Crawford exited the dugout and headed back to the clubhouse as per usual. However, something was different about this particular ejection.

To many fans, Crawford's ejection was more than reasonable. No one likes to see valid at-bats taken away from players because of unclear strike zones, especially when the player is trying to claw their way out of an offensive regression. While it's tough to commiserate and empathize when the team is away, Mariners fans find a way. @thejagepage rallied fans on Twitter to order Crawford a pizza for his troubles. A small gesture but one that was recognized by the team and player.

It's been said many times that Seattle has some of the best fans in baseball. This moment made that clear. The Mariners won't always perform to the highest level and they surely won't win every game, but their fans will stick with them through thick and thin (crust).