Mariners starter becomes most embarrassing victim yet of MLB's uniform disaster

In what seems to be a never-ending cycle, yet another uniform mishap has happened to the Mariners as they had to use the batboy to outfit a starting pitcher
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

There are a few givens in life. Taxes. Death. The Angels wasting Mike Trout's career. It's time to add something else to that list... Nike/Fanatics messing up your team's uniform. It's been happening enough now that it's become more than a thought of "Oh man, I can't believe they did that" to a "Oh my, what did they do this time". See-through pants (NSFW warnings on that), responses to uniforms of actual players, as well as the fact that the Mariners still don't have their Cream-colored jerseys this season, which are the ones they normally wear on Sunday home games.

The newest entry might just be the funniest. Insert Bryce Miller. Not a massive dude. He's not a 6'6" behemoth weighing in at 250 lbs or anything like that. About 6'2" and 200 lbs, he's a pretty average sized pitcher in the MLB. However, that didn't stop Fanatics/Nike from messing up his City Connect uniform.

Bryce Miller had to wear the Bat Boy's pants for his latest start

Yes, you read that right. His pants didn't fit correctly, so then he had to snag pants that belonged to the batboy for the game instead. It's equal parts hilarious and embarrassing to me that this happened in his last start. Stuff like this should just never happen. You're a major manufacturer in the world, and this is a professional sport.

Then again, it sort of fits in with Manfred. You wouldn't expect incompetence at this level, but it's there.

Maybe Miller needs to keep doing this going forward? After all, he turned in yet another dominant start while wearing them, and is rocking a 1.96 ERA and 0.982 WHIP so far this season. You always hear people say "Well, if you'd walk a mile in their shoes", but personally, I think if you are able to perform in front of a crowd while wearing someone else's pants, that's even more impressive.

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