Mariners roster projection 1.0: Former Royals top prospect snags roster spot

Could Scott Servais create a super speedy bench to better prepare them success in close games? There are avenues to make it happen.
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Outfield: Dominic Canzone, Julio Rodriguez, Luke Raley, Mitch Haniger

Haniger, Raley, and Rodriguez should get the lion's share of playing time in the outfield grass. Haniger should be a stabilizing presence in the clubhouse and at the bottom of the lineup that this team sorely missed last season. 

There should be a considerable battle for the fourth outfielder spot, with Cade Marlowe, Dominic Canzone, and Taylor Trammell in the running. While Trammell is out of options, the odds are that it comes down to Canzone or Marlowe. The former Ohio State University alum, Canzone makes the cut due to his ability to play the corners, as well as first base, and provide high contact ability.

Designated Hitter: Mitch Garver

The last full-time designated hitter was Nelson Cruz. We've seen Servais mix and match based on platoon splits over the past few years. Dylan Moore, Mike Ford, and Sam Haggerty all saw time at the DH spot in 2023. Jerry Dipoto doled out his richest free agent deal as a Mariner executive to former Texas Ranger and 2023 World Series champion, Mitch Garver. 

The 33-year-old catcher should get most of the DH at-bat as the Mariners look to keep him healthy all season. Garver brings power and a great understanding of the strike zone, as referenced by his 12% walk rate and league-average strikeout rate. 

Utility: Samad Taylor 

Dylan Moore most likely has the inside track for a utility spot, considering his contract, positional versatility, and power potential. One thing to watch is his extremely high strikeout rates (30.5% for his five-year career). 

This offseason was all about the front office trying to bring players better aligned with their "Dominate the Zone" philosophy into the fold. If they genuinely want to follow the model, Samad Taylor could and should snag the 26th spot on the roster. He'd bring the same versatility, less power, but elite speed that could change games.