Mariners' Robbie Ray has a chance to do something that hasn't been done in 27 years

Oct 8, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Robbie Ray (38) pitches in the
Oct 8, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Robbie Ray (38) pitches in the / John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners are a franchise that is constantly reminded of the great history they have, yet the drought that kept them out of the playoffs for longer than some young fans have been alive. Obviously, that curse was lifted last season as Cal Raleigh blasted a home run over Oakland to send them to the postseason, a play we will never forget.

The Mariners franchise has a history that some franchises can't say they have. For example, Ken Griffey Jr. was a transcendental player, who changed the way people looked at the game. He wore his hat backward. He was cool, right?

He was your favorite players, favorite player.

Mariners' Robbie Ray chasing history

Even with all the history we have in this franchise, it still amazes me that there is another drought of something that hasn't happened in over 20 years. Heading into the 2023 season, Robbie Ray, who is entering his second season with the club, has a chance to make history for his still somewhat new squad.

When you look back at the history books, the Mariners have had some great aces too. Is Ray the best they have ever had? No. But, he could be considered one of they best they have had in quite some time.

The Mariners haven't had a pitcher lead baseball in strikeouts since 1995, just 27 years ago when Randy Johnson did it four years in a row. And a lot of odds books out there give Ray a shot at doing just that, which yes, would be history.

Per MLB Game Time on Twitter, Ray has the 10th-best odds to lead all of baseball in strikeouts. Sure, the odds aren't good, but man, they are terrible either, if that makes sense. When you think about all of the starting pitchers in this league, and Ray is 10th on the list, it still feels good.

And that means he still has a shot per the odds, even if it's a steep one at +2000. Gerrit Cole has the highest odds at +500 as the favorite to do so, as he has done twice in his career, including the 326 he had in 2019 with the Astros.

In 2021 with the Blue Jays, Ray had 248, which was good for the league's best. So, if he has done it once, he can do it again.

Do I think he will? No. But, I love the odds. He still has a chance to go make history.