Mariners Report Cards: What Grade does Cade Marlowe get in his debut season?

Cade Marlowe was finally called up to the Majors in 2023. What grade do we hand out to the Mariners Rookie?
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
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It's not always just a numbers game when it comes to the Report Cards that we've been doing. There are a lot of other factors that go into it, and it depends on who is writing it as well. Even in the midst of doing them, we banter about grades in our group chat with differing opinions.

I think there is something that everyone can agree on, though. If you hit a go-ahead grand slam in the 9th inning, on the road, and in Anaheim, no less, then it increases your grade on the season.

Cade Marlowe gets a B grade for the 2023 season.

There was a lot to like about Marlowe in his rookie year, even outside the go-ahead Grand Slam. He had a solid walk rate, stole some bases, and played great defense in the field, amassing a 0.5 dWAR over just 217 innings in 30 games total. He finished with a 1.0 WAR, which is impressive for the limited time he played, but inflated by the Grand Slam.

He ended up with a slash line of .239/.330/.420, but was pulled from the roster on September 8th, and didn't play again. You can split his season in half to see why. The first 17 games, he hit .333/.423/.556 with a K rate of 21.2%. The second 17 games, he hit just .140/.229/.279 with a K rate of 45.8%. It's quite possible the pressure of a pennant race got to the Rookie, but he played really well over the opening stretch when the Mariners needed a spark.

You could even go as far as to say that the first 17 games were an A+, and the second 17 were a D+. If not for stellar defense, it would be even lower. I think when you add it up, and weigh it against expectations, it was a pleasant surprise overall. Now, let's see what he can do with a little experience under his belt.