Mariners prospects bring chaos ball to inaugural Cactus League Spring Breakout Game

Even though they lost the game 13-10, the next wave of talent was on full display as the Mariners' top prospects took the field in the Spring Break Out series.
San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

The Spring Break Out games were a hot topic, especially with the anticipation of seeing baseball's future in action. The spotlight was on budding stars like MLB Pipeline #1 overall prospect Jackson Holliday and top pitching prospect Paul Skenes. However, the rain delayed our glimpse into the Mariners' future. We finally witnessed the long-awaited matchup between the Mariners' and the San Diego Padres' top youngsters on Saturday the 24th.

It's essential to approach these games with a level head. Starter Logan Evans, a potential rising star, had a tough outing, partly due to a Ryan Bliss error. He conceded six runs, but only two were earned in two innings. However, it's not about the numbers but the moments and the tools on display. Evans showcased his mid-90s heater and impressive slider, striking out three, including Padres' top prospect Ethan Salas.

With the team fighting a seven-run deficit, the youngsters turned on the offense, putting up crooked numbers in the fourth and fifth innings. Tai Peete (No. 7) provided the big blow with a two-run double. The almost criminally underrated Aidan Smith showed a complete package with his 55-grade hit tool (2-2, RBI) and above-average speed sparking the rally.

Ben Williamson, the uber-athletic third baseman out of William and Mary, paced the team in hits (along with Smith) and flashed elite defense. The 23-year-old infielder only played a handful of games last season due to some bumps and bruises sustained with Modesto, but he should get plenty of run in 2024. If his performance in this game is any indication of his future, expect Williamson to rise quickly through the system.

Stars on the bump included Marcelo Perez, who fired three innings of shutout ball, and reliever Peyton Alford, who struck out two in his lone inning. Righthanders Brody Hopkins and Jeter Martinez, two pitchers with some serious hype heading into 2024, gave up a combined six runs late, with command and control issues being the bug-a-boo. Again, it's one game and a showcase; both should be must-watch prospects this season.
Lastly, Colt Emerson, the Mariners' third-ranked prospect, provided the moment of the afternoon, and it wasn't even on the diamond.

Top prospects, such as Cole Young, Harry Ford, Emerson, and Lazaro Montes, wrapped up the showcase and immediately hopped on a plane for Seattle, as they will play a big part in the Opening Week Warmup at T-Mobile Park.