Mariners Prospect Pipeline is Loaded with Middle Infield Talent

Through multiple channels, including the international signing pools and the June amateur draft, the Seattle Mariners have stacked their farm system with high end talent in the middle infield.
Colt Emerson, Tai Peete
Colt Emerson, Tai Peete / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The Unproven, High Ceiling Kids- Felnin Celesten signed for $4.7M with the Mariners in 2023, while Dawel Joseph signed for $3M in 2024. Both are high-end international prospects and talented teenagers with raw tools, but we don't know how they will fare against pro pitching. Since neither has played pro ball yet, we should be cautiously optimistic about their potential. That said, Celesten is projected as a five-tool player and probably has the highest defensive ceiling of any middle infielder in the Mariners' system.

Since Joseph is only 16 and has so much projection left, he doesn't have a true defensive home at this point. While he may end up in the infield or the outfield, there's no doubt about his raw power for a player his age.

Finally, Tai Peete was drafted in 2023 and is still only 18 years old. A two-way player back in high school, Peete has the power, the speed, and the glove. As is the case with many tremendous athletes, it will likely come down to the hit tool for Peete. If Tai can develop contact ability in his development and find a way to hit .260, he'll likely make multiple All-Star teams in the MLB.