Mariners Promotional Schedule for 2023: Where they nailed it and where they struck out

Seattle Mariners Photo Day
Seattle Mariners Photo Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Every year, teams come out with their promotional schedules, and it's always an interesting read. Some teams nail it, always having fun promotional nights and interesting giveaways that fans love to flock to. Others... well, they really struggle with it. Personally, it's always been a mixed bag for me with the Mariners. So how did they fair in 2023?

Well, here is the full list of their promotional nights for 2023. I grabbed a handful that I think are awesome, and ones that I think they definitely missed the mark on as well. First off, though, are the repeating promotional nights.

Mariners Bark at the Park Nights

April 3rd, Monday @ 6:40 PM vs Angels
May 25, Thursday @ 6:40 PM vs Athletics
July 17th, Monday @ 6:40 PM vs Twins
August 9th, Wednesday @ 6:40 PM vs Padres
September 11th, Monday @ 6:40 PM vs Angels

You can grab tickets for this for $50, which gets you a special priced View Level seat. It's technically $35 for your doggo and $15 per person for this.

Mariners College Night

March 31st, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Guardians
April 14th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Rockies
April 21st, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Cardinals
May 5th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Astros
May 26th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Pirates

For these nights, all college students get special $10 View Level tickets, and pre-game happy hour is even cheaper for those who are legally able to partake.

Mariners Fireworks Nights

May 26th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Pirates
June 16th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs White Sox
June 30th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Rays
July 14th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Tigers
August 11th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Orioles
August 25th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Royals
September 29th, Friday @ 7:10 PM vs Rangers

It'll be a much longer night, so keep that in mind if you are bringing your kiddos. It is pretty cool to watch the fireworks, but plan ahead. With most fans staying the whole time, traffic can be a lot worse after the game. That coming from a dad who ended up stuck in the parking garage until 11:15 after a 6:40 start time last year.

Mariners Promo Nights - Where they knocked it out of the park

Anything kids related - Getting the youth involved in the game is awesome, and always a good idea. I loved the cards when I was a kid, so that game on 7/19 against the Twins at 6:40PM is a good one, although it would be cool if it was just kids instead of the first 10K. There are a few poster nights (4/16 v Rockies, 4/23 v Cardinals, 5/7 v Astros, 5/28 v Pirates, 6/18 v White Sox) which are followed up by the run around the bases days when the weather gets better (7/16 v Tigers, 8/13 v Orioles, 9/17 v Dodgers). The 8/13 game is going to be BUSY, as it's Felix HOF weekend. Speaking off...

The Felix HOF weekend of 8/12-8/13. On 8/12, it's the actual HOF night, and 8/13 will have both the run around the bases and 20K bobbleheads for the first people through the door. That should be an incredible weekend, especially if both teams are in the thick of the playoff hunt.

Any bobblehead or POP! night seems like a win to me, They have a Julio one early on 4/1 v the Guardians, a "The Clinch" Cal Raleigh Bobblehead on 4/14 v Rockies, Ty France on 7/18 v Twins, and the Felix one mentioned earlier. There are also two POP! Funko nights, with JP Crawford on 5/27 v Pirates and Julio Rodriguez on 8/19 v Athletics.

Any of the Heritage-type or recognition nights are big wins, also. Jackie Robinson 42 Hat on 4/15, Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage on 5/23, Native American Heritage Night on 8/28, and Hispanic Heritage Night on 9/15. The coolest, to me at least, is the Steelheads Replica Jersey and Salute to the Negro Leagues Night: A Juneteenth Celebration on 6/17.

Mariners Promo Nights - They struck out on these ones

I wish the Mother's Day and Father's Day promo events were more enticing. A wine tumbler and bottle opener are cool, but I'm not going to a sold out game for something like that. Why not add in a voucher for a bottle of wine from a Mariners affliate, or a 6-pack from a Mariners affliated brewery? You're giving away the means of opening them, why not give you something to open as well?

Fanny Pack night, Electric Factory sunglasses, the crossbody bag, and the camo water bottle night all seem lame to me. All of those are items that people go "oh, neat" get worn possibly 1/2 more times, and then get put to the side. These would be better off as kid's nights, because that's something a kid would wear into oblivion, until they either break or get tossed by a parent because they are worn to shreds. I'm even worried a bit about the "Cal-boy" Patriotic Hat. Seems cool... but are people going to wear it all summer? Or does it have staying power for a 4th of July Annual tradition?

You can check that link above for the full list of promo nights, alongside their times and opponents. I had planned on putting a bit more info in here on them, but it starts to get cluttered, and figured including the link and mentioning it again would be better for everyone. Go Mariners!