Mariners Predictions for the 2023 season from the Sodo Mojo Staff!

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Mariners Prediction: Michael Thompson

Record- 96-66 (Win the AL West by 2 games) #2 Seed in AL 

  • Julio finishes top 3 in MVP votes (Ohtani wins, J-Ram 2nd)
  • Robbie Ray wins the Cy Young again (I've been on the Castillo v Kirby train all winter, but I think this new version of Ray will get a ton of K's, give up fewer bombs, and will pitch enough innings that he'll rack up over 20 wins, which still matter to a lot of voters)
  • Julio wins the HR Derby
  • 6 Mariners make the All-Star Game


  1. Toronto
  2. Seattle
  3. Cleveland
  4. Houston
  5. CWS
  6. NYY

WC Series:
NYY over CLE
HOU over CWS

HOU over TOR
SEA over NYY

ALCS: Seattle over Houston

World Series: Braves over Mariners in 7