Mariners' offensive projections set Seattle up well for resurgent season

Fangraphs and STEAMER have their projections out for 2024. Taking a look, they set up the Mariners well for a resurgent season

Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
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Left Field: Mitch Haniger - 0.9 fWAR - 33rd Left Fielder

Honestly, the corner outfield spots here are interchangeable for listing who plays where. For now, Haniger slots in at left on Fangraphs. The big question, as it has been, is will Haniger be healthy? If he is, he blows this number out of the water, and could easily triple it. That would bump him all the way up to a top-ten mark in the projections. Will it happen? The less he's on the IL, the more likely it is.

Center Field: Julio Rodriguez - 5.6 fWAR - 1st Center Fielder, 7th overall

The obvious one. Julio should be the highest projected center fielder, and for good reason. He's had two great seasons, and should continue to perform at that rate... if not get even better. The question for Julio becomes is his overall rankings high enough? Acuna, Soto, Judge, Betts, Rutschman, and Alvarez sit ahead of him. If it clicks for Julio fully in 2024, he may find himself at the top of that list.

Right Field: Luke Raley - 1.1 fWAR - 30th Right Fielder

Raley has to be the most intruiging new Mariners' player for this season. He had a strong year in Tampa, posting a 130 WRC+, 19 HR, 14 SB, and providing a 2.6 fWAR through 118 games. Can the Mariners help Raley to continue to build? He's just on the low side of 30 still, and his age-29 season could better 2023. If so, that would move him all the way to 9th in the preseason projections. Is it really that crazy to say the Mariners outfielders all finish in the top-12 in fWAR in 2024? I don't think so.

Designated Hitter: Mitch Garver - 1.6 fWAR - 16th DH

Raley and Garver make for really fun additions to the Mariners because of the potential that they bring to the team. We saw Raley flirt with a 20/20 season, and Garver has massive power that he can unleash. Garver is coming to the Mariners solely as a DH, and will like see less than 20 G at catcher. Will the new role for him allow him to see more ABs and crack the 30 HR mark again? If so, this offense instantly gets much better.

Mariners Offense - 11th Overall

11th overall in baseball is a big improvement based on 2023. Think of all the holes and embarrassing offensive moments and stretches from last season. TOMMY LA STELLA FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

If the Mariners can end up with a borderline top-ten offense, then 2024 should be a big success. A team that can rock a borderline top-ten on offense and defense gives you a playoff team. The Mariners pitching staff and a borderline top-ten offense? That should portend contention, and possibly makes them the favorites, for the AL West in 2024.