Mariners News and Reactions: Seattle's cold, games are quick, and people are confused

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

I always love going to opening weekend if my schedule allows it to happen. This year, it didn't. Between coaching, parenting, and housework, the opportunity just wasn't there. Honestly, I think I was okay with it. I already live 2 hours away (up to 3.5 in traffic) so going to games takes a large chunk of time. I mention this because there were things that I thought of, primarily, when thinking about the time it takes to go to a Mariners game.

I LOVE the pitch clock and the fact that games are faster. I'm not going to listen to people complain about them being "too short", like the 2:04 game the Mariners played in Saturday night. There were eight hits, five walks, and two solo homers in a 2-0 game. Guess what? That game would've been 2:15-2:20 last year anyway. You wanna see some random reliever take 42 seconds to throw each pitch, trying to pick off Julio 4 times, while France waits literally 3 minutes to see a pitch? Yeah, no thanks.

In early Mariners news, games are quick, the temp and offense is cold, and fans are confused

If I can get home by midnight instead of 12:30 or 1:00? Especially if it's a weekday game? Yeah, I'm all for that. It's better for anyone on the West Coast. Maybe I am getting old, so what. You know what's better? Getting kids interested in the game and able to see/hear the end of them because they are done before 10:30. 6:40 starts and 2:30 games? Yeah, I'll take some of those.

The weather though? Oh man, Not a chance. Whatever the weather is like, sitting in a stadium amplifies it. From everything I heard, these were some of the coldest games that anyone had been at in Seattle for baseball. No thanks. Maybe that's the reason the Mariners bats went cold, cause they were about as cold as the temperature. .197/.254/.318? Not good at all.

I keep seeing people complain about game time. That they are too fast. That the short games are making concessions cost more. That the game is worse to watch. All of those are dumb. Yeah, concessions cost more. You wanna know why? Cause minor leaguers are getting paid more and ownership knows you are still gonna pay whatever price they put out. Tired of a hot dog costing 10 dollars? (I don't know what they cost. I don't buy food there cause I refuse to pay that much). Don't buy it. Otherwise, stop complaining.

For those complaining about the length of the game, here's some important information for you.

Wow, look at that! Way more steals. Better offense all across the slash line. Way faster games. We literally aren't losing anything from the game other than time. I think we are really going to notice this when we get involved in one of those 13-7 games with a bunch of lead changes. Instead of 4:06, it's going to be 3:38.

Games are faster. Now, we just need to temperature to warm up. I have a feeling that many a fan is going to have a warmer reception to these changes if the Mariners can win a couple more games. They look to do so tonight as Anaheim comes to town. Go M's!