Mariners' Minor League talent shines with breakout stars emerging across affiliates

Harry Ford, Ben Williamson, and Lazaro Montes oh my, the Mariners' farm is raking to start the 2024 season.
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Everett Aquasox (8-15, 5th place Northwest League)

The Aquasox lost a ton of talent with the promotions of Ford, Young, Reid VanScoter, and a few talented relievers. The record indicates those key departures, but that doesn't mean the cupboard is bare. Everett has the league's third rated hitter in Ben Williamson, who's slashing .330/.390/.869 through 23 games. 

Williamson is giving off Tyler Locklear vibes, raking in the box, and displaying elite fielding. The 23-year-old is the best third baseman in the system, and it's not even close. 

Losing Raul Alcantara and 2023 Northwest League pitcher of the year Reid VanScoter was a massive hit to the pitching staff, and we are seeing the new batch of starters show some growing pains. Analytically driven hurler Michael Morales fronts the staff, is showing increased velocity and better command, which is an exciting development. Another arm to watch is Ryan Hawks; the Mariners' minor league pitcher of the week is on a heater. 

If Hawks continues to develop his secondaries, he could earn the Mariners a second consecutive Northwest League Pitcher of the Year award.