Mariners have the worst offense in the AL so far, should we be worried?

The Mariners currently sit tied for last in the AL with an 80 wRC+, paired with a league worst .274 wOBA. Are we panicking yet?
J.P. Crawford, Rangers v Seattle Mariners
J.P. Crawford, Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Mariners have the worst offensive production in the American League, with stars Julio and J.P Crawford both struggling through 13 games. Crawford is only hitting .140, and Julio has only 1 XB hit and zero homers in 56 plate appearances. Newly acquired bats Jorge Polanco and Mitch Garver are off to slow starts with both having an OPS under .500. While it's nice to see Josh Rojas and Ty France each hitting over .300, neither has displayed much power and this offense doesn't have anyone who is consistently driving the ball through the first couple weeks of the season. Should we be alarmed?

While I am not concerned about George Kirby at all or Luis Castillo to a great extent, I do think there is some cause for concern with this Mariners lineup. Of course, things will ebb and flow over 162 games. 29.2% is the main number that encapsulates my panic, the Mariners' K rate so far this year. Not only is it worse than last year, it's actually the worst K rate in the Major Leagues.

Jerry Dipoto worked to move on from the major culprits last year, Jarred Kelenic and Teoscar Hernandez. Both struck out over 31% of the time, contributing to a 25.9% club K rate that finished 29th out of 30 teams. Now, the Mariners won't strike out at 29% all year, but it's a concern that they are worse than last year by a good margin, despite cutting bait on Hernandez and Kelenic. If this persists, we could see both hitting coach Jarret DeHart and offensive coordinator Brant Brown on the hot seat.

Aside from the strikeouts and contact issues, the power has not been there this month for the club as a whole. Canzone and Haniger have punished a few balls, but a .117 team ISO is towards the bottom of the league and is indicative of a punchless lineup that's not providing run support to the pitching staff. 12 HR and 42 RBI in 13 games is not the stat sheet of a playoff lineup, just like Julio's .470 OPS isn't going to get him MVP votes.

While the season is a marathon, the identity of the season can gain traction and take hold early. It's time for this Mariner's offense to get it together, and it starts with Crawford and J-Rod. It's encouraging to see Cal pop a couple of bombs this week, hopefully, it's a forecast of good things to come in the next few weeks.