Mariners Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Logan Gilbert makes a solid #2 Fantasy Starter

Logan Gilbert may not have performed as well as Luis Castillo or George Kirby in fantasy baseball, but he still makes a solid choice for your second pitcher

San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners
San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Anyone who is involved with the Mariners at all, from fans to those that cover the team to even those the root against them, all know that the Mariners have a really strong starting rotation. There is even the argument that the Mariners top 3 is the best in baseball, and I think that it is hard to argue against that. Shoot, just look at the recent Cy Young odds that were posted, as it isnt very odd that you see a team with 3 different starters in the top 8/9 of odds.

I bring this up because when you go to look at Logan Gilbert in fantasy baseball rankings, he finished 2023 as the 16th best starting pitcher. Half the teams in the league would take Logan Gilbert as their #1 pitcher, yet the Mariners have him as their #3.

For Fantasy Baseball, Logan Gilbert is a high-end #2 starter

Gilbert finished 58th overall in standard fantasy leagues in 2023. As mentioned, that was good for 16th as a starter. For 2024, they've dropped him down a bit, and have him 70th overall and as the 20th overall starter. I like Fantasy Pros, because they also show you the highest vote that the player got, which helps you decide on if you want to take a risk on them or not.

That could be the case with Gilbert, as his top vote was 11th for SP. That's a borderline #1 option and would bump him to the mid-40s near Tarik Skubal and Tyler Glasnow. Right now, there are 8 pitchers ranked from 55 to 73. I talked about it before with Luis Castillo and George Kirby, but pitchers seem to go in spurts, and this shows why. Yamamoto is ranked 55th and Aaron Nola 50th, but I guarantee Yoshi goes early because of the hype.

So, once you see Nola off the board, you need to be prepared to take Logan Gilbert if you want him. It may be a bit early, but there really is no worse feeling than thinking you will get a pitcher because they are the 5th/6th ranked one left, and watching 7 starters get picked while you wait for your next pick.

I'd suggest looking for him in the mid-late 6th round in 10 team leagues, and late/early 5th/6th in 12 teams. Although he is ranked 70th, you will want to take him around 10-15 spots lower if you believe that he is going to repeat what he did last year.

If you are able to get him in that range, you are going to be very happy. Gilbert has been a great pitcher and only seems to be getting better. As the 3rd starter on the Mariners, he is usually outclassing his opponent from a talent standpoint, and you can reap the rewards in fantasy with Logan Gilbert as your 2nd best pitcher on your team.