Mariners Fantasy Baseball Rankings: How good does Ty France need to be to deserve to be drafted?

Ty France is in a declining spiral, and you can't deny it. If he gets back to his former self, how good does he need to be to deserve being drafted?
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
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I start of nearly every article that deals with Ty France in the same way, and I might as well keep it going. I'm driving the bandwagon for his success in 2024, and I think that he is going to have a really good season. We aren't that far away from some really good Ty France stretches, and even full seasons, and it's worth remembering as we approach the upcoming season.

Ty France finished around 350th last season in Fantasy, and that's far from being rosterable as a hitter unless you are in some insanely deep league or have one with really wierd stats that count HBP or something. For standard leagues, he just wasn't playable. As the 33rd first baseman, there were countless others you would take over him.

However, you need to remember that in 2022 he was around 115th, and was ranked as the 17th first baseman. It was a tight group, as he finished just 7 spots behind the #13 first baseman. He was actually 17th in 2021 as well, and finished around the same spot overall that year.

2020 was the shortened season, so we won't worry about that one, even though he did really well. He's projected to be the 32nd first baseman in fantasy this year, and with how the last 1.25 years or so have gone, you can see that argument. However, what happens if he hits, say .285 with 20 HR, 75 RBI, and 75 R? That would put him just inside the top 100, similar to where Anthony Santander and Vlad Jr finished last year.

No, it's not out of the realm of possibility, as those are similar to the 162 game averages he put up between 2020-2022. I even bumped them down a bit to get in that 145-150 games played range.

The Mariners are walking a funny line right now, one that is both exciting and frusturating as a fan. If Haniger/Garver/Raley/France do well, they have a great lineup and should be a legit threat not just to the postseason, but to those hallowed grounds they have yet to ever visit. If they do bad... well, let's not worry too much about that one.

As with Haniger, if you want to have a flyer on a Mariners player to do well, France would be a great choice. You know what he CAN do, it's just a matter of him actually doing it. Maybe that driveline work will be the difference maker. If you want a Mariners player to root for at the back of your fantasy lineup, France is a great choice for that.