Mariners Fantasy Baseball Projections: Are Bryan Woo or Bryce Miller worth it?

There's a big debate between Mariners fans on who they prefer in Bryce Miller or Bryan Woo. It's the same in the fantasy community
Washington Nationals v Seattle Mariners
Washington Nationals v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

One of the most fun things that we have seen this offseason is the arguments amongst Mariners fans about who they prefer in Bryan Woo or Bryce Miller. I say that it's fun, because both of these young pitchers seem to have high ceilings, had a good 2023, and seem primed for success in 2024. It's ironic, because the world of fantasy baseball looks to be having the same arguments.

If you take a look at the rankings, they've got Bryce Miller at 55/198 and Bryan Woo at 53/203 (SP/overall). Essentially, they are ranked in the same spot. Even they're variability is similar, with Woo being ranked anywhere from 39-70 and Miller from 36-67.

Both Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo are worth of backend spots in your rotation

Sitting in the mid-50s, they're definitely worthy of being taken as a back end starting pitcher in your draft. They're going to be up all season, and will see anywhere from 160-180 IP. With Woo, he struck out 9.5/9 with a 1.209 WHIP in 2023. Miller had a lower K rate at 8.2/9, but a lower WHIP as well at 1.142. Miller had the better FIP as well.

If you get a full season out of them, there is no reason they wouldn't end up in that 110-150 ranked area, depending how there ERA v FIP luck plays out, and worthy of a top 30 finish in the SP rankings.

If Woo can get a handle on the bad BB outings while keeping up the strikeout rates, then he could take the lead over Miller. On the other hand, if the splitter/fastball combo plays well for Miller, he could see an increase in GB rate and Ks, giving him the upper hand.

Either way, taking a semi-flyer on one of these guys as one of your later pitchers seems like a great call, especially in the pitcher-friendly confines of Seattle.