Mariners fans have spoken and this is the relief pitcher they want the team to sign in Free Agency

We asked fans on Twitter which reliever they want the team to sign in Free Agency and the result shouldn't surprise you with Josh Hader leading the way
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages

We've ran a couple of polls so far this offseason to see what fans think, and who they want signed by the Mariners. After finding out which hitter you want and which pitcher you want (Non-Ohtani versions), we decided to head to the bullpen and see which reliever it was that you would want.

Mariners fans want Josh Hader in Seattle

Josh Hader led the way with nearly half of the votes, and it makes sense why. Imagine him in the bullpen, with Munoz and Brash as well. That would be three top-of-the-line Nasty AF relievers that the Mariners could close out games with. Good luck scoring runs in the last three innings, much less getting runners in scoring position.

Hicks and Lopez nearly split the rest of the vote, and both would still be welcome additions to the bullpen, albeit for different reasons. Lopez has a better throughout his career, posting an impressive 3.14 ERA and 1.064 WHIP over the last three seasons across 149 appearances. The majority of those have come the last two seasons, as he has gone 61 and 68 games, respectively.

Hicks, on the other hand, has the nasty stuff that catches your attention. He is one of the few players in baseball that can put Munoz's velocity to shame, sitting second in baseball with an average speed of 100.3 mph in 2023. Oh, and his sinker sits at 100.1 mph as well. Lopez would give you a higher floor, but Hicks is much more exciting to watch, despite some struggles in 2021 and 2022.

We had some comments as well for additions, ranging from Joe Kelly to Matt Moore, to Robert Stephenson or Nick Martinez. Shoot, someone thought ahead and asked for Will Smith, knowing he only brings Championships to teams (He won three straight as a member of the Braves, Astros, then Rangers).

The Mariners have actually been known to spend some money on pitching. Whether or not they are willing to do so for Hader (he is likely seeking a 6/$100) is a totally different question, but Mariners fans came to the conclusion that he is the reliever they want the team to go after in Free Agency if the team is set on getting one.