Mariners Face Tough Roster Decisions

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
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Option #3: DFA Kolten Wong

We've extensively written about Kolten Wong's offensive and defensively poor showing. Its been a disappointing season (100 AB) in as Mariner leadership has him on a short leash now. He came to the Mariners with a track record as a slow starter who would catch, ending up as a 2+ WAR player by season's end. Unfortunately, all aspects of Wong's game have slipped, including his sprint speed.

The anemic slash line (.170/.250/.450) is just the tip of the iceberg. If he played elite defense, the team could rationalize keeping the former Gold Glover on the team, but that is no longer the case. Add to the fact that rookie Jose Caballero continues to provide everything Wong hasn't and is getting praised repeatedly by his manager, and Wong's days seem numbered.

Will the team actual designate Wong for assignment? It depends on whether Mariner Brass are comfortable with eating nearly $10M in salary. Most fans would probably gravitate to the "it's not my money" side of the argument. Owner John Stanton is more than likely a little further away from that narrative.

Sometimes you must accept defeat and move on, which is the best-case scenario for everyone involved. The odds are on the team taking a conservative approach by sending Trammell down, but Mariners Twitter would most likely side with option #3 in a heartbeat. Either way, D-Mo is about a week away from rejoining the team and that means the clock is ticking.