Mariners’ City Connect Jerseys Honor Seattle History, Niehaus  

St Louis Cardinals  v Seattle Mariners
St Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Nike is cornering the market on jersey sales with NBA and MLB City Connect merch, with the Mariners the latest franchise to join the party. We've written extensively about the new jersey when photos leaked last week on Twitter. The authentic images are on social media, and the cap and jersey combo is available for the most die-hard Mariner fans to purchase. Here are some initial observations. 

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Mariners City Connect Observation #1: It’s all about history.

While the franchise has only been around since 1977, there are some critical storylines to remember when looking at the new jersey. First, the shoutout to Dave Niehaus, the longtime voice of the team who coined the phrase, "My Oh My." It is fantastic that Nike recognizes Niehaus' role in the Mariner's history and has the foresight to place the key phrase on the jersey. 

The blue and yellow color scheme also aligns with the old Seattle Pilots, which is a welcomed touch. 

Mariners City Connect Observation #2: Check out the patch.

If you look at the NBA jerseys, you'll see the sponsor patches. Those unique jersey attributes remind me of "Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby.” Remember Bobby’s car and jumpsuit littered with sponsor patches? Nothing is wrong with that, but I'm from the school of thought where patches should be there for a reason. The "PNW" patch is a terrific way to regionalize the jersey, and using Mount Rainier as the centerpiece of the image was a solid choice. 

Mariners City Connect Observation #3: The Hat 

When the initial photos leaked, people had two essential questions. First, what color pants are the players wearing to match this royal blue top? Second, can you tell us about the hat? Of those two, I'm more enamored with the latter, mainly because I've always been a hat guy. I have a closet full of Mariner hats from different eras, including the Trident. This City Connect hat is spectacular. 

If you are looking for a piece of history and a chance to join the Nike City Connect craze, these are more than enough reasons. Still on the fence? I'll leave you with one more; at least they look better than these from our AL West rivals. I’ll see you at the Mariners’ Team Store.