Mariners Care: Could your local school use $5000 for the baseball or softball Team?

Mariners Care awards ten Mariners Care Equipment Donation Grants each year to high school teams. The due date is this week so time is short!

Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles
Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

If your high school is in Washington or Oregon and the program did not receive the Mariners Care Equipment Donation Grant last year, you can apply. The Mariners award ten of these grants annually. See more information about it here on their site.

Athletic equipment is expensive and takes a beating throughout the season. School athletic departments must regularly replace the equipment. In addition, athletic shoes may be the responsibility of each player. (Considering that many students are still growing, they may need replacement annually.) The Mariners would like every school to have the equipment they need. In addition, they would like students from every community in the school to feel that they can try out for the teams without feeling that costs will prevent their participation.

Schools that show financial need such as designation as a Title 1 school and/or are making efforts to ensure that students of all backgrounds can play, will receive preference.

These are some ways that the grant money can be spent: items that will be used by players or the team such as player equipment, safety equipment, and updates to the fields. (Improvements for aesthetics or fans are not eligible.)

If your team was awarded a Mariners Care Equipment Donation Grant for softball last year, the softball team may not reapply. The baseball team at the same school, however, can apply.

Applications are Due on Friday, December 1!

Act fast if you want to be considered for a grant to be given in the upcoming season. The applications are due this Friday, December 1 by 12:00 AM. The application must be complete.

Thank you to Mariners Care and those who donate to it! The experience of playing sports has so many benefits for young people socially and health-wise. Who will be the next baseball and softball stars in the states of Washington and Oregon? Read about the teams who received grants in 2023!