Mariners able to mix blend of timely offense and good pitching in series win over White Sox

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

This has been a wierd year so far for the Seattle Mariners and their fans. We all expected the Mariners to make a strong push at the playoffs, even possibly making a claim to the crown in the AL West as Division champs. Yet, 70 games in, the Mariners sit at 35-35.

It's important to remember how fast things can change in baseball. It was right around this point last year that the Mariners went from a team with a record of 29-39 to a team with a record of 51-42. After finishing off the White Sox with a series win, maybe they are back on the right path... which we've said a handful of times over the last month, I know.

The Mariners started out the series by taking advantage of an overused and tired White Sox bullpen. It almost wasn't so, but the Mariners were able to get just enough off of Tanner Banks to earn the 3-2 win in the opener. Bryan Woo didn't get the win, but it was definitely his most impressive start of the season. Two mistakes led to two solo homers, but he still went 5.2 innings, giving up just three hits, walking none, and striking out nine White Sox. Two hit a monster homer, and Cabby got his 10th steal of the season in this one. Although they scored just three runs, the Mariners managed to put 15 men on base, a good sign that the offense was coming around (hopefully).

Unfortunately, Sewald blew a save in game 2, allowing the Sox to push it to 3-3, a game that they would eventually win 4-3 in the 11th inning. The Mariners had a big chance in the 10th, as Julio and Teo would pull a double steal, putting runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. Dumper struck out and Geno grounded out, and the threat was over.

The finale had fans furious for 7 innings, and Lance Lynn turned back the clock and had the Mariners looking like an A squad at the plate. I don't mean A as in Grade A, I mean A as in Single-A. They would strike out 16 times in 7 innings against Lynn, who tied a franchise record for strikeouts by a starter.

Lynn started the 8th before giving up a single, and was pulled right away. Reynaldo Lopez almost got through the inning, getting a groundout and strikeout. He would then walk both France and Teo, leading to a bases-loaded opportunity for Kelenic. He would rip a ball into the LC gap, cleaing the bases as he slid into third with a 3-run triple to put the Mariners up 5-1.

That play by Kelenic overshadowed a great start by Bryce Miller. Miller went 7 IP on just 85 pitches with 65 strikes, walking none and giving up one run on four hits. Outside of that two-game stretch by Miller where he gave up 19 hits and 15 runs in just 7 innings, Miller has been incredible this year. He's gone 6+ in all 7 starts, throwing 44.1 innings, allowing just 18 hits, walking 6, and giving up only 6 runs. That's good for an ERA of 1.22, compared to the 19.29 from his two bad starts.

The Mariners are heading to the East Coast for a two series set against a Judge-less Yankees and the surprisingly dominant Orioles. I know we all want a 4-2 record over that stretch, but 3-3 would be just fine as they head back home for the Nationals and Rays. If the pitching can keep throwing like this, the Mariners are going to be just fine as we head into the "dog days" of summer.