Mariners: 3 Reasons Kolten Wong will figure it out, and 3 Reasons he won't

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Why Wong will Figure it Out: He's always been a slow starter

March and april have been Wong's worst month of his career. So far, he has been .240 over that time. Yes, it's come along with a .326/.350 at the end of it, but that's still not near his career average. Currently sitting at .171/.263/.186, that's a far cry from his average, but not as bad as you would think.

May does get better (.252 BA), but June and July have always been where the power shows. He has a career SLG of .426 in those two months. When you combine a new place, a new stadium, and a slow starter, it makes a little bit more sense as to why he's struggled.

Why Wong will Figure it Out: He's always been a darn good hitter

Here's why I've been a fan of Wong. Second baseman are notoriously light hitters. Wong sort of breaks that, playing closer to a poor man's Brandon Phillips instead. He's shown multiple seasons with 20/20 potential. 14 HR in 2021 and 15 in 22, with 24 SB in 2019.

Over the last six seasons (2017-2022), Wong hit .269/.349/.414 with 54 HR and 72 SB in 686 games. That's something that every Mariners fan should want, all day and every day, from a second baseman.

Why Wong will Figure it Out: He's had a good stretch recently

Wong has actually been hitting better as of late. A short sample within a short sample, yes, but 7/17 with a double and two walks and just three Ks shows promise, especially since he has hits in 4 of 5 games. Could Wong actually be heating up? Are we getting primed to see the .260 hitter that we thought we would be seeing?