Mariners 2023 Report Card: Wildly varying opinions from the folks here at Sodo Mojo

We looked at the fan reactions to the Mariners 2023 grades, and now it's time to take a look at what the fine folks here at Sodo Mojo think about the 2023 season
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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I love baseball, but holy cow can it be stupid sometimes. So many things that, if they would've gone a little bit differently, the Mariners would've been sitting at home during Wild Card weekend... but doing so while waiting for the ALDS to start as the Champions of the AL West. That's how close it was in 2023, and a good reminder when taking a look at the season as a whole to give it a "grade".

That's what we are here to do today. Last week, we went through and gathered up some comments from you, the fans, to look at what kind of grade you thought the Mariners should get for 2023. It can be a bit tough to get the information online through Twitter or "X", since we are limited in our poll options. The majority of you felt the same, but it was hard to tell how wide it was. Did everything want to say a B- or C+? Or were there a lot of B+ and C- in there as well?

Today, you'll get some exact grades from folks here at Sodo Mojo. Not everyone turned in a grade, but we still got a handful of them. Let's take a look and see what some of the staff here grades the Mariners 2023 season, and what they end up with on their report card. Let's start off with the other expert here, and see what Trevor had to say.