Marco Gonzales' Reemergence Effects Mariners' Present, Future

Seattle Mariners v Philadelphia Phillies
Seattle Mariners v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Marco Gonzales is channeling his inner Jamie Moyer

The former two-way star at Gonzaga is using his "dad strength" and critical analytical data to lay out a future that includes him on this team. The results are proving Marco Gonzales might stick around for a while like a former Mariner, Jamie Moyer. How so? Well, the command is still elite, especially with the off-speed offerings.

Last night was vintage Marco. Yes, he only threw five innings, but to give up one run in the bandbox of Citizen's Bank Ballpark and to that lineup is no small feat. But that performance isn't an anomaly; he has performed at this level all season. Marco Gonzales this season. 3.32 ERA 0.81 (4.13 in 2022) 1.25 WHIP 0.08% (1.33 in 2022) 17 Ks (22.1%) 9.1% 28 Cutters Thrown (11.1%) 2.3%.

The bottom line is Gonzales has some measurable improvements from 2022 that could further solidify his role on the team in the future. Chances are at least two of the Arkansas Travelers starters will slide into bullpen roles (Berroa, Woo). That will help Marco's long term chances of sticking in Seattle for the long haul. While we are at it, let's get his bat in the DH spot (career slash .217/.217/.348). It couldn't be any worse than what Tommy La Stella is providing.