Keith Law of The Athletic puts 3 Mariners prospects in his top 100 ranking for 2024

Keith Law has the latest prospect rankings drop for 2024, and he has 3 Mariners players ranked in his top 100
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#46 - Cole Young, SS, 14th ranked SS

If not for Emerson, Cole Young would be the top prospect on the Mariners list, and the one that fans focus on. It does depend on where you look, as some have Young over Emerson, but it almost seems like a case of the shiny new toy (Emerson) getting the attention over the one that you got last year (Young).

Young is more likely to stick at SS, which makes for less of a comparison or choice argument between the two. Young has better feet, is a better defender, and has the arm to stick and be in the infield general.

"He’s got a great feel for the barrel, with a strikeout rate last season under 15 percent. There were 13 minor leaguers who had 600+ plate appearances in 2023, and Young had the lowest strikeout rate of any of them, "

Keith Law, The Athletic

This stands out to me, and probably has the Mariners really excited to see how he progresses and if he can keep the K rate down. He showed more power than expected, and a decent bit of speed even at High-A, where he finished the season at. He's going to get tested in 2024, likely seeing a lot of time at AA. Success there could easily push him into the top 10 SS rankings in 2025.