Keith Law of The Athletic puts 3 Mariners prospects in his top 100 ranking for 2024

Keith Law has the latest prospect rankings drop for 2024, and he has 3 Mariners players ranked in his top 100
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It seems like every week, we are getting a big name updating and dropping their top 100 prospect rankings for 2024. Personally, I like the ones over at MLB Pipeline the most. I don't know if its the presentation of it, the communication you hear from them, or the fact that they have the top 30 for each team listed there as well. However, Keith Law at the Athletic (paywall) might be #2 on my list for the ones that I pay the most attention to.

Keith Law has 3 Mariners ranked in his top 100 prospects for 2024

He just dropped his on the morning of February 5th, giving us a nice little gift to kick off our week. I'm not getting into any of the discourse about who is ranked too high or too low throughout his list, but am instead focusing on just the Mariners players on his list, as would be expected of a site that is about the Mariners.

Most places have been fairly consistent with rankings, and you can expect to see them in the same range. Sure, there might be a bit of a variance, and some scouts and analysts might get a feel that others didn't, being reminded of a certain player that resonates strongly with them. We don't see anything crazy here from Law, although Ford is a bit lower, as we will get to later.

A quick note, the Mariners would've had four players on this list prior to the Jorge Polanco trade. Gabriel Gonzalez comes in at #96, giving the Twins four of their own prospects on the list. Let's get to the three Mariners that are on Law's top 100 for 2024.