Keith Law has Mariners dominating latest prospect rankings

In his latest rankings over at The Athletic, Keith Law has the Mariners dominating his prospect rankings with five in the top 50
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
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While the Mariners have been struggling with their offense at the big league level, it hasn't been the theme of the organization throughout their farm system. In fact, there are arguments out there that the Mariners are pushing the Orioles for the top offensive system that any team has. According to Keith Law, there is some merit to that, which becomes apparent when you look at his latest prospect rankings.

While Keith Law definitely brings out a certain kind of feelings in fans once in a while, there does seem to be a common thread amongst any scouting sites or rankings that the Mariners do have a lot of prospects in those top 50 and top 100 lists that you see. We look at Law's rankings today though, because he might just be the one that is the most bullish on the Mariners. How bullish?

Keith Law is in love with the Mariners' Farm System

Well, Keith Law has five different Mariners' hitters in his top 50. That's wild, and it's almost hard to wrap your head around that. 30 teams, hitters and pitchers, yet the Mariners have five hitters alone in the top 50.

#10: Colt Emerson - 2B/SS

It's been a meteoric rise for Emerson, as you have to remember that he was drafted with the 22nd pick in last year's draft. The hit tool has been doing wonders, as the 18-year-old has shown a bit of pop and a great eye to go along with a .270 batting average for Low-A Modesto. You would have to think if the re-drafted that class, that Emerson would be a top-5 pick.

#31: Cole Young - SS

Just 20 years old, Young has been making his mark in AA with the Travelers, showing a great combination when it comes to his eye and ability to make contact. He rarely strikes out, ranking in the top 10 for lowest K rate. In a place that's notoriously hard to hit (AA league that Arkansas plays in), Young has still amassed a .272/.366/.403 line through 48 games.

#36: Felnin Celesten - SS

Felnin Celesten is finally healthy, and he is reminding everyone why he was one of the most sought after International prospects, and one who was put at the level of the top SS to come through the draft in the last decade. He's getting his feet wet in Rookie Ball right now, but has been showing power to all fields, with 10 XBH in just 93 AB, slashing .312/.398/.484. Seems like he is going to get a shot to keep moving up the system quickly as long as he keeps performing like this.

#40: Harry Ford - C

My personal favorite prospect (if you don't count Clase who has had a cup of tea with the Mariners now), Ford is raking after a slow start in AA. Through his last 39 games, Ford is hitting .304/.421/.493 with five homers and 13 steals. He's been good behind the plate, and is forcing his way into the conversation of who should be the backup catcher behind Raleigh. With that bat and speed, he could even steal time at other spots around the field, as well as DH. We have to remember, though, that Ford is only in his age-21 season.

#49: Jonny Farmelo - OF

This is the surprising one, as Farmelo has been flying up the boards faster than Bliss flies around the bases. 19-years-old and taken with one of the Mariners' extra draft picks last season, Farmelo is ripping XBH all over the place in Modesto. Through 171 AB, he has 10 2B, 3 3B, and 4 HR, while going 18-20 on stolen base attempts. He's got the K rate down in the low-20s as well, showing great patience and contact for someone so young.

It makes sense to see all these hitters on here, but is still a welcome surprise to see Farmelo. With how young they are, the Mariners could enter 2025 with one of the most impressive young crops of hitting that we have seen in a long time from any team, especially when you consider that we didn't even talk about Lazaro Montes or Tyler Locklear on this list. Things are looking good for the Mariners, and it sure seems like we are going to have some fun years ahead of us.