Just how bad could things get for the 2024 Mariners? Here's what the floor could look like

If things go wrong, and we mean WRONG, just how bad could they get? Here is a look at the floor for the Mariners if things go bad in 2024

San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
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Second Half: Sinking Ship

By the deadline, the Mariners were 4 games behind Houston for the last wildcard spot, and 7 back of Texas for the division. Even though it was clear the Mariners needed an arm and a bat to get back in the race, they stood pat at the deadline. We were faced with another week of fans pissed off at ownership while Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander claimed no deal would've made their club better.

Unlike last year where a quiet deadline was followed by a surge, this year led to the end of an era. The players grew loud again with their frustrations. The vibes were rough and came to an unceremonious end on September 15th when the Mariners were swept at home by the Texas Rangers. The season was over, with no playoffs for the second straight year. On the following day, it was announced that neither Jerry Dipoto nor Scott Servais would be back with the Mariners next year. 

The Seattle Mariners, in classic fashion, got hot and won 10 of their last 12 to finish 85-77, missing the playoffs by just a few games, yet again. Once again they had to watch the Astros and Rangers destroy the rest of the American League, go 7 games again in the ALCS, and watch the Astros get one last damn championship again, beating the San Francisco Giants (with Jorge Soler, Jung Hoo Lee, Matt Chapman, and Snell) in the Fall Classic. 

SMACK! Hopefully that's the floor that we just hit.

With another disappointing season, the Mariners head into a new era as they look for new leadership. Fans and likely players too are skeptical as to how the team can get better, if the financial concerns from ROOT Sports continue to cloud over the franchise.

Mariners fans have the greatness of Julio Rodriguez, and a decent team, but they are stuck in mediocrity, and the only way out may be praying the next crop of prospects help Seattle make a jump. You look around and realize that in the matter of a half decade, you've become a small market team.

SMACK! The floor just gave out and we're in the basement!

We had a feeling didn't we?

Here's to hoping this is all 100% wrong.