Juan Soto was traded to the Yankees and the Mariners missed their chance at a star

Juan Soto was traded to the Yankees, and the Mariners should've gone for it to meet or exceed what the Padres received in the deal.

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Juan Soto Trade - Should the Mariners have offered that same deal?

I don't know that the Mariners have players that exactly fit this deal. No relievers that became starters (unless you wanna but Prelander Berroa in?), and they lost Tom Murphy to free agency, so there goes the backup catcher option. Maybe we could do something like this.

SP Bryan Woo
SP Prelander Berroa
SP Ty Adcock
C Blake Hunt

Hey, look at that. I did put Berroa in. If the Mariners are taking on Grisham, I think you can send out a little less. If they weren't taking Grisham, then I think you need to up it a bit, and that might mean going to Emerson Hancock in the Jhony Brito role of good pitching prospect who is close. Bryan Woo is a relam of his own here, showing success and want from other teams in deals, taking the place of the #5 and #13 prospects here.

We do add in Blake Hunt who came over from Tampa to get the Padres their catching piece. Hunt actually just slid into the Mariners top 30 prospects. Joyce sits at #23, a few spots above Hunt. Is this a deal that the Mariners would do though? Is it even enough? Do you have to go Woo+Hancock+Berroa+Hunt? Should you?