Jonatan Clase caps long year in LIDOM

Mariners' top 10 prospect is suiting up for Toros del Este in winter ball with mixed results.
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The Caribbean is a hotbed for baseball, especially during the winter months when the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League or LIDOM takes center stage. The Mariners have a tendency to let their Dominican-born players suit up for the league. This year, their eighth-ranked prospect, Jonatan Clase, is playing a part-time role for Toros del Este.

Clase had a breakout 2023 season where he flashed power (20 HR) and speed (79 SB) and was one of only three minor leaguers to surpass 20 long balls and swipe 50 bases. With all that running, it is understandable to look up and see Clase's LIDOM subpar stat line (.100/.200/.350); it has been a long year for the outfielder. Thankfully, he has two things working for him. He's young and playing sparingly for one of the better teams in the league.

Usually, the Mariner's development team gives players things to work on during the offseason. They probably told Clase to work on some swing mechanics, increase his contact rate, and curb his propensity to swing and miss (165 strikeouts). So, I wouldn't take the results as gospel because the Mariners surely aren't. It takes time to change your approach let alone if swing mechanics are involved.

If the diminutive speed demon can take the LIDOM coaching into the 2024 season, we could see him debut at T-Mobile Park in September. 70-grade speed on the scouting scale plays at any level. Clase will more than likely get some run in Peoria as a non-roster invite.

Fans of exciting baseball, dynamic players like Jonatan Clase, and something to fill the void until Major League Baseball spring training kicks off can watch LIDOM games through late January as a part of their MLB.TV subscription.