Important dates for Mariner fans as we get closer to Spring Training

Canada v Seattle Mariners
Canada v Seattle Mariners / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

It has been a long 3ish months since the Mariners 2023 season ended in disappointment. With the NFL playoffs going on it can only mean one thing...Mariners Spring Training is on the horizon. Mariners fans wont have to wait much longer for players hitting the field and Mariners game action. There are some important dates that you will want to know as we get closer to Spring Training.

Pitchers and Catchers Report: February 15th

The first date to know is that pitchers and catchers report Thursday February 15th, which is less than a month away. Which is crazy to think about, hopefully Jerry and company make some more moves to shore up third base before then.

Full Squad Reports: February 20th

The second date to know about is when the rest of the team reports to Peoria, which is February 20th. This is the day when all the Mariners report and there are usually a lot of minor league players that get some at bats in spring training. The roster size for spring training is usually capped at 75, so we should get a look at some up and coming prospects.

First Cactus League Game: February 24th

Things move pretty quickly once spring training starts, within 9 days of arriving the Mariners have their first game against the Chicago White Sox which will start at 12:05 pm and should be on the radio. Games aren't usually broadcasted on Root until a little later in spring training.

Mariner's Opening Day: March 28th

The last and most important day is the end of spring training, which means the Mariners will finally play meaningful baseball games. The Mariners open the season at home against the Boston Red Sox on March 28th. The end is in site and we will have Mariner's baseball shortly and I cannot wait!