Immaculate Grid 07/12/2023: The Mariners choices you could make to dominate the Grid

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners / Otto Greule Jr/GettyImages

I don't know about you, but I recently found out about Immaculate Grid. It's a 3x3 grid that lists teams or accomplishments on each axis, and you have to pick any player from history that satisfies those conditions. Say the Mariners are on the X-Axis and the Mets are on the Y-Axis, you would need to pick a player that played for both teams. Jeremy Reed, anyone?

There's a secondary goal to it. As you pick players, it gives you a percentage. That's how often during that day's game the player was picked. The goal is not just to go 9 for 9, but to get the lowest combined score possible. Hence Jeremy Reed is a much better pick than someone like Edwin Diaz or Robinson Cano. The lesser-known the player, the higher the score.

Sorry for the long intro to it, but I wanted to help share how it works for anyone that is unaware.

The Mariners are on the grid for 07/12/2023. Here are some of the answers.

Obviously, there are spoilers ahead. That's the whole point of this. BUT, if you're someone who has already done it and wants to see what some of the other choices would've been, or you just want to fill it out with some strong Mariners answers... well, here we go. Each spot is listed, as well as the top choice at each one (it tells you once you guess for the 9th time).

Mariners + Diamondbacks: Randy Johnson (54%)

There are 74 possible answers here! There are some that I'm sure would be well below 1% (Bob Walcott, Stuart Fairchild, or Kris Negron!). There are some other strong answers though, and ones that should pop out. Richie Sexson, even though he played just a year there, came here after Arizona. Ketel Marte, Mitch Haniger, Jean Segura, and Taijuan Walker should all pop out for obvious reasons. Don't forget about Robbie Ray. Personally, I went with JJ Putz (2%).

Mariners + Marlins: Ichiro Suzuki (40%)

This isn't as tricky as you might think, as it can be the Florida Marlins or Miami Marlins. Lots of good answers here among the 62 possibilities. Miguel Olivo, Dee Strange-Gordon, and Logan Morrison are all fairly recent players to have played on both teams. Cameron Maybin could be a fun one too. Drew Steckenrider came to mind, but Wade LeBlanc is actually the only player to throw 100+ innings for both teams. Tons of reliever options, but I went with Carter Capps, who has also stuck in my mind because of how he threw (0.9%).

Mariners + Rookie of the Year: Julio Rodriguez (45%)

This is the simplest one. There really aren't that many answers, as the Mariners have only had 5 people in their history win Rookie of the Year. When you think about it, that's actually pretty good, considering they have only been around since 1977. Alvin Davis won the first one in team history in 1984. Then, it was all the way until the year 2000 when Kazuhiro Sazaki won the award, which was followed by Ichiro in 2001. Kyle Lewis won in 2020, and Julio won in 2022.

Taking Kaz would've gotten you a great score of 3%, and a guess of Alvin Davis would've given you 2%. Both great choices.

Hope you had fun with today's game. If you haven't finished it, good luck!