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Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
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Option #2: Trade for an old friend

As for the second-place transaction, it would help solidify a struggling bottom of the order, but at what cost? Early season trades for Gold Glove outfielders with a power and speed combination only happen occasionally because acquiring team usually gives up a ton of prospect capital. So there is a world where the Mariners would have to give up Bryce Miller and more for O'Neill.

The Mariners designated hitter issues are becoming a punchline. Through 17-games, Seattle's DHs are by far the least productive with 6 hits in 55 at-bats, 0 RBIs and a .109/.194/.212 slash line. Acquiring O'Neill could address two issues. First, it would create a dynamic and versatile outfield (Kelenic, Rodriguez, O'Neill) and ultimately allow Teoscar Hernandez to fill designated hitter duties. If the cost is too high, other options exist to infuse some power into the designated hitter spot.

C.J. Cron could easily fill the firstbase and designated hitter duties, but his profile doesn't fit this team as he tends to strikeout above league average. Also, the Colorado Rockies will more than likely hold on to him until the trade deadline to maximize his value. So, that leads us back to O'Neill or Moran.