How the Mariners fit into the playoff picture at the MLB halfway point

We are at the halfway mark of the season, which is crazy because it felt like the season just started. Here's how the Mariners fit into the playoff picture
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The season is halfway over, which is always a wild marker because if never feels like it should be here already. It feels like last week that we were looking at the first quarter mark, yet here we are with half of the season in the books already for some teams. It makes for a good time to take a look around baseball and see how the playoff picture looks. If the postseason were to start today, here's who would be moving on, and here's how the Mariners would fit in.

NL East

1st place team: Philadelphia Phillies (51-26)

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the best teams in the MLB. They are a true contender for the World Series. Led by one of the best rotations and the deepest lineups in baseball. They have dominated the first half. They will also probably add an outfielder at the deadline and be even better.

2nd place team: Atlanta Braves (43-32) 7 GB, WC1 +5.5 games

The Atlanta Braves will definitely be in the playoffs and will most likely miss the first round bye because of how well the Phillies are doing. Hey, maybe that will help them stay hot in October. They did complain about the bye making them go cold last year.

3rd place team: Washington Nationals (38-39) 13 GB, .5 GB WC3

The Nationals have been a surprise team this year. Led by CJ Abrams, Lane Thomas, and the revival of Jesse Winker. This team is very much in the hunt for the playoffs. Many believe they could be sellers but I am not so sure at this point.

4th place team: New York Mets (37-39) 13.5 GB, 1 GB WC3

Many teams thought that the Mets were done and were going to be sellers of their coveted first baseman Pete Alonso. But ever since Grimace threw out the first pitch, the Mets have been the hottest team in baseball. They might not be sellers after all.

5th place team: Miami Marlins (27-50) 24 GB, 11.5 GB WC3

The Marlins were a playoff team last year but got out of it pretty early this season. Trading Luis Arraez to the Padres in early May. Expect them to completely give up and sell some more players.