How Mariners Julio Rodriguez contract set the stage for Bobby Witt Jr. and Royals

The Mariners changed the world of contracts when they extended Julio Rodriguez. Now, the Royals have taken a page out of their book in extending Bobby Witt Jr.

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Julio Rodriguez

This one has been out for a lot longer, so we know all the aspects of the deal. I wanted to list Julio's first since it gives you an idea of everything that Bobby Witt Jr and the Royals were able to look at, contemplate, and work towards implementing in their negotiations. All of this is from the article Sodo Mojo had back when it came out, but it's good to see it once again.

Base Deal – 8 YR for $120 million, starting at signing in 2022 going through 2029. Mariners have a club option after 2028, with MVP voting variables.
The option could be for eight or ten years, between $200-$350 million more. The minimum option pickup by Mariners would be for 8 YR for $200 million
If the Mariners decline, it becomes a player option for 5 YR and $90 million. It's unlikely he turns it down if the team doesn't exercise their club option, as you would have to think they only turn it down if he massively underperforms,
No MVP Votes: Club option is 8-200.
Top Ten MVP 2-3 times: It goes to 8-240.
Top Ten MVP 4 times: is 8-260.
MVP award + 1 top 5 OR 3 top fives: 8-280.
Two MVPs OR four top fives:10-350.
The possible outcome? Julio is signed for 18 YR at $470 million

There are player option escalators in there too, but those are quite unlikely to ever be acted upon. The Mariners have the upper hand in this deal. If they want to keep Julio around, they have all the control in keeping him through 2039. He could hold out or something of that nature, but the Mariners have the decision and control on keeping him. It's also worth noting, again, that this deal is one of the largest ever seen up to the point of it's signing in the history of sports.