How Mariners Julio Rodriguez contract set the stage for Bobby Witt Jr. and Royals

The Mariners changed the world of contracts when they extended Julio Rodriguez. Now, the Royals have taken a page out of their book in extending Bobby Witt Jr.
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It wasn't that long ago that the Mariners inked Julio Rodriguez to an extension. This wasn't just your run-of-the-mill extension, either. It was a game-changing one, and one that pushes for the largest contract handed out in North American sports history if it plays out to its potential. It helped set a new wave of potential upcoming contracts, and the Royals and Bobby Witt Jr are the latest to follow in their path.

We've seen these in the past, and the one that I remember kicking this into a different atmosphere was when the Rays signed Evan Longoria to an extension. It has happened multiple times since then, but when the Mariners signed Julio to a potential 18YR/$470M contract, it changed the game.

Bobby Witt Jr and the Royals took a page out of the Mariners deal with Julio Rodriguez

It was an incredibly smart move by the Royals to get him locked up long-term. As the Mariners did with Julio Rodriguez, it gives you a transcendent and foundational piece to build around, helping to shape the next decade of your team. It also locks them up for likely their entire career, giving you the incredible opportunity to keep a potential HOF player on your team until they retire.

Let's compare the contracts a bit to see what's different and what is the same between two of baseball's burgeoning superstars.