Here's what an early extension for Logan Gilbert could look like

Seattle Mariners  v San Diego Padres
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

Sitting here and thinking about early extensions is a lot of fun. It can be frusturating at the same time, as it's hard to imagine all of these happening and the Mariners going full steam ahead to try and become the Braves of the American League. It sure seems like they are developing players in a similar manner while giving young players a chance to sign (now, not with that jackwad that used to run things), and it would be nice to see them all stick around and dominate.

We won't know if it's actually the case until, well, it happens. I think we should be a bit more hopeful that some of these might happen, since we've seen it with Luis Castillo, Julio Rodrgiuez, and even Evan White. Also, in Evan White news, supposedly he is finally healthy and feeling the best he has since the start of 2020.

It can also be tough not to fall into the same pattern with all of these deals. When looking at Raleigh, Kirby, and Gilbert, they are all going to hit FA at the same age. With their limited experience and early success, it can be easy to give them all really similar deals, and it's something I've looked to avoid doing. You can see the route I took with both Cal Raleigh and George Kirby, and I tried to keep them pretty different.

Oh, and I'll have ones in a different fold for the likes of Teoscar Hernandez and Kolten Wong, so don't worry if these aren't tickling your fancy.


$ Amount







Pre-Arb (Super 2)




Arb 1




Arb 2




Arb 3




Ext Year 1




Ext Year 2




Here's what I'm thinking. You run it through either 2028 or 2029, and it ends up being about 7YR/$90M if you go through 2029. It's a bit more than you would maybe expect because Logan Gilbert is going to be a Super-2 player, meaning he gets a bit more a bit earlier from being called up early on.

For argument's sake, let's say it stops, instead, after 2028 and ends up being 6Yr/$70M. Here's the thinking. Ownership decides that they aren't going to pay both Kirby and Gilbert, and this would have their contracts both run out at the same time, post-2028. They could let one go, and sign the other. Do I like that? No, not one bit. But with all the weird money questions surrounding the Mariners and odd commitment comments we hear, would you put it past Stanton?

I like the 7YR option, locking him up through the end of the 2029 season. That's still a long way away and would guarantee that this Mariners core of pitchers is under control for a long time (and that's not even mentioning the young SPs in the Minors that are banging on the door). I think a deal like this would get it done and keep Logan Gilbert in that beautiful Northwest Green of the Mariners through the end of this decade.