Have the Mariners had the best offseason in the AL West?

The Mariners offseason has been rather quiet, but maybe the other teams losing so much, while the Mariners have made a few moves to improve the floor, put this offseason in the Mariners favor.
Seattle Mariners Draft Day
Seattle Mariners Draft Day / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Athletics - Who really cares?

Additions - Trevor Gott, Osvaldo Bido, Abraham Toro, Miguel Andujar

Subtractions - Trevor May, Tony Kemp

The Athletics weren't expected to do much last season, posting the worst record in baseball. They were expected to do nothing but shed money and add guys on Minor League contracts. They added a solid reliever in Trevor Gott who could be an interesting arm come the trade deadline. They also added another former Mariner, Abraham Toro, who could give them some at-bats as a utility infielder. An interesting move was the addition of once-promising third baseman, Miguel Andujar. Andujar was a solid up-and-coming corner infielder for the Yankees, after finishing 2nd in AL Rookie of the Year voting in 2018, but he hasn't been able to replicate that success.

They did lose a solid reliever in Trevor May who ended up retiring (which is unfortunate, I thought he would be a solid option for the Mariners). They also lost Tony Kemp who has been a pest for the Mariners over stints with the Athletics and the Astros.

Overall, it's a pretty boring offseason for the Athletics. It has gone about as anyone should expect (they could still ditch a few guys making over $1 million a year). Their offseason has no real effect on the rest of the division and I don't really pay it any mind.