Have the Mariners had the best offseason in the AL West?

The Mariners offseason has been rather quiet, but maybe the other teams losing so much, while the Mariners have made a few moves to improve the floor, put this offseason in the Mariners favor.
Seattle Mariners Draft Day
Seattle Mariners Draft Day / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Angels - F

Additions - Evan White, Jake Marisnick

Subtractions - Shohei Ohtani, Mike Moustakas, Randal Grichuk, C.J. Cron, Gio Urshela,

The obvious loss here is the biggest loss in offseason history as they were unable to retain Shohei Ohtani. The biggest failure for the Angels was declining to match the offer that Ohtani ended up signing with the Dodgers. You lose one of the best and most marketable players ever, to your cross-town rivals. Ohtani may have still ended up with the Dodgers, but just declining to match that contract offer altogether is painful.

The losses of Cron and Moustakas aren't very painful ones considering they already have Nolan Schanuel (who looks like he will be a really good hitter), Grichuk and Urshela won't kill you to lose, but they are proven players who were solid bats that they Angels will now have to replace.

The additions of Evan White and Jake Marisnick are so irrelevant; White hasn't played any meaningful baseball since 2021 and he was absolutely awful, while Marisnick is a career .228 hitter with no pop and decent defense.